My name is Utkarsh Tyagi. I am currently an M.S. in C.S. student at the University of Maryland, College Park. At UMCP, I work under the guidance of Prof. Dinesh Manocha at Gamma Lab on various problems in speech, langugage and audio processing. Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer II at Atlassian, India. I have also worked as a part time researcher at MIDAS Labs @ IIIT Delhi under the supervision of Prof. Rajiv Ratn Shah. Here, I worked on problems like disfluency detection in speech and complex named entity recognition.

Previously I have interned in the Voice Intelligence team at Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore. Here I worked on improving Bixby’s wakeup word detection and built a vocabulary-independent, lightweight keyword spotter. I have also worked as a research intern at the Samsung Innovation Lab, DTU. Here, I developed an AI-powered mobile camera-based application to calculate sustained attention span using a candle flame test.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at Delhi Technological University in 2021. I maintain a list of my publications and research implementations under the Research tab. I am always open to collaborations and please feel free to drop a mail!

CV / Resume: link
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December 2023:Submitted 4 papers to NAACL 2024!
December 2023:Attended EMNLP in-person in Singapore!
October 2023:2 papers accepted to EMNLP 2023!
September 2023:1 paper submitted to ICLR 2024!
August 2023:Started my MS in CS at the University of Maryland, College Park!
July 2023:1 paper submitted to AAAI 2023!
July 2023:Our paper was accepted to ICCV 2023!
May 2023:3 papers submitted to EMNLP 2023!
May 2023:Our paper was accepted to Interspeech 2023!
April 2023:Our paper was accepted to ACL 2023!
April 2023:Our paper was accepted to SIGIR 2023!
March 2023:2 papers submitted to Interspeech 2023!
March 2023:Paper on implicit hate speech detection submitted to IJCAI 2023!
February 2023:Paper submitted to SIGIR 2023!
January 2023:Paper submitted to ACL 2023!
December 2022:Paper on implicit hate speech detection in online conversations accepted in De-factify 2 @ AAAI 2023!
October 2022:2 papers submitted to IEEE ICASSP 2023! Pre-print and code now available!
September 2022:2 patents filed with Atlassian on incident management in multi-party communication channels!
September 2022:Promoted to Software Engineer 2 at Atlassian!
September 2022:Started collaborating with the Gamma Lab at the University of Maryland, College Park!
March 2022:Joined MIDAS Lab, IIIT Delhi. More details on the research can be found in the Research section!
July 2021:Started as a Software Engineer at Atlassian!